Hardware Interface Test Utility

Frame structure:

Header  |  Data [0..11]  | CRC | CRC |

Header is the ASCII  <US> control code 0x1f

CRC follows the 16 bit ITU standard.

Asynchronous data - 1 start 8 data 1 stop. 2400 baud

Test feature

A bad transmit CRC can be created by checking "Bad CRC"

Clicking any of the top 10 buttons will be fill the TX buffer. Parameters in decimal degrees or hours.

Only RS232 TX and RX data are needed. All flow control is disabled/ ignored.

The zip source and application. (Windows 95, 98 or NT)

The CRC algorithm is based on a example in "C Programmer's Guide to Netbios, Ipx, and Spx" by W. David Schwaderer. (out of print! Try searching the web for: CRC-CCITT minimum look-up tables sizes.