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    people using qv pop up from everywhere

We currently have users in all of the following countries - Argentina, Canada, England, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Japan, Netherlands, Sweden.

Ken-ichi Hayashi
"It works well. Its GUI is simple & elegant."

Michel Baron
"Your software is a gem... You reach perfection too fast for my needs!"
" Je l'utilise industriellement et il n'y a aucun bug." (I use it commercially and there are no bugs.)

Lawrence Henry Berg
"I designed the original PC-link cable for TSI and Casio back in 1988 and have tried to improve it every chance I get. I want to support you and your project and supply my cable to the world at the best price and best quality I can.   Casio has not helped me very much, so maybe we can work together and do it better and give the world better software and better hardware."

Andrew van Zyl
"After spending a day on the Net and not having much joy with Casio's terrible support service, I finally downloaded your app and it works!!!

Andrew Hooper
I would like to congratulate you both on a great piece of software, one of the reasons my QV-100 almost got biffed was due to the way the software that came with it worked.

Your package is Simple and Works!, I have had a couple of minor problems with it locking the camera up when downloading the images but I can live with that.

I would love to see a way of extracting the images to JPEG's but can live with passing them to PhotoShop for the moment.

Try dragging and dropping...

Heck ! That's just WAY to easy!.

Outstanding Job, Let me know when you release an official version
or if you require anyone to evaluate/beta test for you.


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