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    qv software revision history

Version 0.43 - August 1997

  • Printing and Export now available from camera and deleted menus
  • Default baud rate now set to 115200, was 9600
  • Export file types initialised in file dialog (*.psd)
  • Camera loading status message corrected.

Version 0.42 - August 1997

  • Spin button orientation fixed.
  • Sticky defaults added.
  • Zoom and Rotate toolbar buttons added.

Version 0.41 - August 1997

  • Pasting normal size images to the clipboard was not very wonderful: the image had an aspect of 480 by 240 elongated. Now fixed by pasting as 320 by 240.
  • Dragging normal images to other applications was not too useful. The native .jpg format from the camera is interpreted incorrectly. We now drop .bmp files in normal mode.
  • 150% zoom added - useful for QV-10A users.

Version 0.40 - August 1997

  • Printing support added.
  • Both printed output and PhotoShop export benefit from image adjustment - manual or automatic. Manual operation changes brightness and contrast at a fixed setting over all images. Auto operation clips the image to remove very dark and very light areas on each image. Simply put - it makes the images more punchy.

Version 0.30 - July 1997

  • PhotoShop export added. Images can now be exported to PhotoShop. Each image can be allocated a layer, or the entire album can be merged on to a single layer.

Version 0.20 - July 1997

  • The first Web offering.
  • Drag and drop support added.

Version 0.10 - June 1997

  • Support for standard mode images added.

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