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    qv software - frequently asked questions

How am I going to convert the picture files (.alb) to anything useful?
I’d really like it if you could make .jpg files right away. One of the great things with the whole concept is that you can e-mail pictures but, with that strange format, no one’s going to be able to see it.

Drag and Drop the thumbnail image to your e-mail editor. The drop target will see a .jpg file.

In English this means:

If you drag the image to a web browser, the browser will display the image.
If to drag it to an explorer folder instead, you'll get the image copied to the folder.

The image name, e.g. QV_Temporary_Pic_05587b69d33c8e59fe7abb8812937f79.jpg can now be renamed, and opened by most image editors.

How do I select an individual picture and save it as a jpg or gif?

Drag and Drop the thumbnail image to your application. For example your e-mail editor, or the Paint program "pbrush", or other application that can view images.

In the above replies you used the term "e-mail editor." What do you mean?

By e-mail editor I mean the application that you use to send and receive emails.  On your computer this might be Outlook or Outlook Express.

I haven’t found any program that supports your .alb format.
Do you know of any program that can convert your files?

The .alb format is proprietary - basically a list of jpeg images. During the development beta phase, the layout may change. Let it stabilise - then we will publish the format.  A PhotoShop native file export feature is now available from Version 0.43.

I wish you could make QV.EXE work like a generic image view/edit program; basically capable of dealing with any file format, view/conversion and then some basic image filters and regular editing tools. That would be most excellent! Is this on your wish list?

This has been considered. We have added an "Auto Levels" feature for printing and PhotoShop export.
However, our focus is on making the application more generic in the range of cameras that it supports (Sony, Fuji...), not in developing image editing tools.

Colours look like they decode better than that QV-LINK does.


"ACD See" won’t recognise the psd format.

We follow the documented PhotoShop PSD format. We will test with ACD See... and get round it!

Do you have a version of your digital camera download software that will handle Olympus cameras?

No - not yet. We are evolving a "plug in", COM based approach to support all digital camera manufacturers' standards.

Time and Date stamps are in English on my French Language Setup.

We're being punished for statically linking with the MFC library! When we sort out a Setup program,
this problem should be resolved.

I have been sent some .CAM files. Can you advise me how I can extract/uncompress them into a viewable format?

No, sorry. We want to support this format, but we have been unable to find any documentation of the file format - we may look at reverse engineering this to include in a future version.

I was disappointed to see that your software did not open files with the .cam extension that my QV10A uses. Any reason for that? My great hope was that I would be able to capture
these photos without having to use Casio’s software. Why can’t you include that?

See above. We want to support this format.

When exporting PhotoShop files, I run low on memory. What can I do?

Try increasing the virtual memory (Control Panel, System, Performance). 64 fine images will create a file size of 117 Mb(!)  Half this memory size is in the "working set" - so this really tests the virtual memory manager!  Try reducing the number of images in the album: select one or more thumbnails - then click delete.

I like the PhotoShop export feature. Can I export just a small part of the images in an album?

Yes. Start by creating a new album. Drag images from another album over to your new album. You can drag each image around to change the order. Now export the new album. (Use Ctrl and drag to copy.)

Can I print just a few of the images in an album?

Yes. Start by creating a new album. Drag images from another album over to your new album. You can drag each image around to change the order. Now print the new album. (Use Ctrl and drag to copy.)

I am somehow reluctant to see QV examine and download the pics in the camera without asking.
I would feel more conformable with some manual command.

We need to think about this one.  A big headache for us is determining when the camera contents have changed.  That's why we download each image to re-check (in a background thread).   Unfortunately Casio did not put in a camera state variable that could be queried.

I deleted what was in the camera. Can I reload the camera from an album file?

Good idea! No, you cannot currently do this.

Have you considered the camera as a printer? Basically preparing a PowerPoint demo show, printing to
a digital camera. The camera is then taken to the meeting and connected to a projection TV.

Yes, we consider this interesting.  We have added this to our wish list for the future versions (we have written print drivers before!)

I tried setting the baud rate to 115200. It works, but I am not convinced that it is faster.
Is there a problem with my computer?

No, the speed limitation is with the camera.

What is the interface to the camera? Is it a serial link to the digital output of the camera?
If so, what pins on the serial connector are used?

Asynchronous serial data is used: TXDATA (3[9] 2[25]) RXDATA (2[9] 3[25]) GND (5[9] 7[25]).  Power is taken from DTR and CTS. Ken-ichi Hayashi gave details of the protocol used.

I am interested in writing some databasing program for QV cameras (A digital photo album). One feature of course would be the ability to download the images from the camera. Can you give me the hand shaking protocols and commands that the cameras require when communicating with them over a serial port. If easier, can you point me to a URL that has this info.

See the Ken-ichi Hayashi web-site for details of the protocol used.

Do you know where I can get Mac software for the Casio QV-10?

Sorry - no. We intend only to support the Microsoft platforms NT4, NT5, Windows 95 and Windows 98.

What new features will be added?

Web page generation from an album file is being considered.

I’ve no idea how to physically connect the camera to the PC. Could you tell me what cable I need?  I assume it connects to a comm port.

Yes, you're correct. You need the cable supplied with the camera to connect to the 9 way serial comms port.  Try PC LINK

How do I configure for com 2?

Select the Camera Child window. Click on the menu: "Camera, Properties..."

I am having some problems getting my QV-10 to work under Windows 95.  I plug the camera into my COM2 port but the system does not find the camera. What am I doing wrong ? What can I check ? I know the COM port is working but nothing is picked up.

We have had reports of problems with Pentium II 266MHz and comms. We have access to fast PC's but have not been able to re-create the problem. It may be camera specific. Please e-mail us giving details of your PC and model of camera.

When connecting your software to qv100 the status line switches between camera off - checking 1 of x and then loading 1 of x then resetting. It keeps cycling thru.

See above entry.

I have just downloaded your app but when I try to run it I get the message: The file QV.EXE is linked to a missing export 420:OLEAUT#@>DLL Please help me out with this.

You need a later version of the system OLE DLL. The dll can be found at the Microsoft Website, or mail us and we will reply, enclosing the DLL.  (We will sort this out by adding an installation module in a future version)

Is your qv program compatible with Windows NT4.0? Also will it work with NT4.0 Japanese version?

NT4.0 is the platform we build and test on.  NT/J may expose a few issues, but we do not expect any specific problems.

I need is to be able to shell to your program which would then automatically download all the images from the camera, then be able to drag them to an OLE container I have on a database. Will you provide me an interface to do this? How much will you charge to do this?

We are currently involved with another project. We are considering how we proceed with "customisations".

I am an Industrial Design Student ... What I want to be able to do is download the images from a digital camera onto a directory on the hard drive of my PC. I want to be able to do this through my own interface, i.e. without using the manufacturers download software, so when running my interface programme, the user can click an icon, and the images will download.

See above! We are still considering....! (But don't waste your time doing software for a final year project if you're not going to get marked for it!!)

I would love to beta test your software. Do you have an notification of updates system!?!?

E-mail us with a report, and we will keep you up to date!

How do I unzip the file?

Use PKUNZIP. Don't worry about extraction flags - just run qv.exe. There is no separate setup program to run. PKWARE INC

Why have the beta's stopped?!!?

Development effort has been directed elsewhere. We have a contract developing software for an NT "Roll Out" for a 100,000 workstation site.  (Nothing to do with digital cameras!)  We will keep an eye on these pages - so keep sending us your email!  We will be back with QV.EXE full time as soon as possible.

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