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Nick, January 2013

Where was Nannie's cottage?

A trip to Central Milton Keynes Library produces some evidence:

Parish Map

A parish map dated 1782 names a parcel of land "No 21 Barn Close"

Superimposing a 1881 Ordnance Survey map.

Barn Close detail



Spot the building that appears on the 1881 map, but has disappeared in 1925.

A bit of image manipulation...

From Joan's text:

"It lay at the end of a path at right angles to the road, on the edge of a great pasture called Barn Close."

"The window of the living-room looked out upon the path that led over the stile across Barn Close."

"The end of the garden was called Calais, presumably because it was at the farther side of a wide path"

"...1909...  the great old chimney burst into flame ... all else disappeared in smoke and fire. The cottage has never been rebuilt."

"Nor... now [1933] can I find even the outward semblance of what was home."

The maps show a wide footpath at right angles to the road, and the cottage was not shown on the 1925 map.


All the above images only required scaling and rotation. Aspect ratios were maintained.

Don't get confused between the new city of Milton Keynes, and Milton Keynes village. Milton Keynes village also goes by its old name of Middleton in an attempt to stop the place filling up with lost lorry drivers.

There are copyright restrictions on OS maps, but if they're older than 70 years then it's open season. The 1972 map shows little change from the 1925 version.


I email http://www.mkheritage.co.uk/tva/index.html: "I wonder if you have any old photos of that area, behind Nurse's Cottage?"

Their reply:

We think you are probably right about the position of the Hancock's cottage. The 1782 map of MK Village certainly shows Barn Close to have been behind Manor Farm and what is now Nurse's Cottage. Strangely, on the 1685 map Barn Close is much nearer Walton, and the field behind Nurse's is called New Close.

Unfortunately, we have never unearthed a photo of the Hancock's cottage, but the old photo of Nurse's Cottage at Point 3 of the Village Trail on our website clearly shows a roof and chimney behind Nurse's at the extreme right of the picture.

There were also cottages on the north side of Barn Close which appear on a drawing of All Saints church which is also on our website in the section about the church, under "All Saints Restorations". This picture came from the Bucks County archive. It is just possible that the Hancocks lived in one of these, although I think they disappeared earlier than 1909.

If you ever come across a proper picture of the cottage, we would be very pleased to hear from you. By the way - what is your interest in "Nannie"? Are you related to her or Joan Evans?

My interest in "Nannie"

The link is a bit tenuous! Joan Evans was a distant cousin; she was close to my Aunt Frances. Joan was my father's father's mother's brother's third wife's daughter. My first cousin twice removed. (?)

Nannie was a close friend of Joan's until Nannie's death in 1961.


Hancock Census


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