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Nick, January 2013

Market Bosworth

Armed with a camera, May 2003...

"This sketch was made by Sebastian Evans, L.L.D. in his 18th year. He was born at Market Bosworth in 1830 and his sketch therefore shows the appearance of the church in 1847.

"He was the fourth son of Arthur Benoni Evans D.D, who was Headmaster of Market Bosworth Grammar School from 1828 until his death in 1854.

"This sketch is presented to the rector, the church wardens and the parochial church council of Market Bosworth by his son Sebastian Evans and his nephews Arthur John Hubbard MD and George Hubbard FSA, Sept 1930."

Adjacent to the above window there is the following inscription:

"This window was erected and the clerestory windows ornamented to the glory of God and in memory of the Revd A. B. Evans, D.D. for 26 years headmaster of the Free Grammar School of this place by his friends both poor and rich as a tribute of affection and respect to his Christian Worth. 1856.

(The final date should read MDCCCLVI, not MDXXXLVI. Obviously he had a problem teaching Roman numerals to the kids.)