Visit to Madeira 25th Sept – 9th Oct 1954



South Farm Road
18th May 1954

The British Consul

Dear Sir,

I should be most grateful if you could give me some advice and assistance. I am most anxious to visit Madeira, and have planned to do so for many years, as my forbears were the Phelps family who were well known in Madeira during the last century, and I have heard so many stories of the island from the older members of my family.

I have consulted all available brochures from travel agencies, but I have no wish to travel by “luxury cruises” or to stay at expensive hotels. I have been told that fruit and cargo boats carrying passengers call at Funchal, and I should be most grateful if you would tell me which lines call there, and how I get in touch with them.

I have also been told that the Carmo, which used to be the townhouse of the Phelps family, has been converted into a hotel after they left Madeira. I should like to stay there rather than anywhere else if it is at all suitable, but failing that, I should like to get in to some small quiet pension, or with a private family. Perhaps you would be kind enough to help me in this matter, or tell me where I can obtain information.

Please forgive me for approaching you on this subject, but all the older generation of my family have now passed away, and I am finding it extremely difficult to obtain the information I want. The object for my visit is far more for sentimental reasons than anything else, and I should be extremely grateful for any assistance that you can give in helping it to materialise.

Yours faithfully

F.A. Roper

The British Consulate
24th May 1954


In reply to your letter of the 18th of May I enclose some “Notes for Travellers” which should answer all of your queries.
The “Carmo” is no longer a hotel but a public building and no doubt it would be possible for you to see over it should your visit to Madeira materialise.

I am, Madam,
Your obedient Servant
Signed C F Fladgate
H. M. Consul


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