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Nick, January 2013

Visit to Madeira 1954

... taken by F. A. Roper, my Aunt Frances, in 1954.

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M.S. Venus

Background to these web pages

I was perusing the Hubbard archives with Judith in July 2003.

A Black notebook entitled "Visit To Madeira" appeared that I'd not see before. Our Aunt Frances had written up her visit to the island of  Madeira.

The format of the text with photos and her notes on planning her visit were exactly how I prepare notes when I write up holidays! Some genes on common somewhere? Or may be her training as a pharmacist encouraged the use of a "day book", much as I use when "with clients"? Whatever, the similarity was amazing!

Using the same templates I use when writing up holidays, I've spent a few hours copying up her work. I've not made any material changes to the text.

The images have been tidied up. They were scanned from her photographs, a brochure and postcards that were pasted in with her notes.

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To her journal...