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That planning has now arrived in the form of hubbardplus.co.uk - my sister Judith's website. She is actively researching our Hubbard family history.

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Nick, January 2013

Aunt Frances' Manuscript


Here's a background of the story Victorian Hangover.

A stack of 220 pages of type written pages has been in my sister Judith's possession for 20 odd years. Judith was bequeathed the manuscript from our Aunt. Judith took the precaution of photocopying it, and giving me a copy for safe keeping.

Armed with scanner, optical character recognition software, and some patience, here it is.

Editing Policy

The text is a verbatim copy from the paper manuscript. A couple of sentences have been punctuated - that is all.

Any annotations and instructions have been incorporated as in the original.

I have not attempted to reorganise the text. (Aunt Frances would have loved to have used the editing power now available!)

Who will be interested?


  • Hubbard genealogy
  • Evans genealogy
  • Foley genealogy
  • Vizard genealogy
  • de Brissac genealogy
  • Dickinson genealogy
  • Phelps genealogy (Madeira)
  • Forest of Dean historians
  • Social historians of the Victorian era


Forward Aunt Frances' forward.  
1 Mother, Foley, Missionaries
2 Mother, Brothers
3 Life in West Ealing, Pevensey
4 Forest of Dean
5 Forest of Dean customs, May
6 Forest of Dean characters and cats
7 Forest of Dean stories and customs
8 de Brissac connection. Emma Evans, Sir Arthur Evans, Sir John Evans. Father's dreams
9 Market Bosworth stories. Johnny and Tommy Dickinson
10 Cats
11 School, Christian life
12 War. Refugees
13 Auntie Dick, Uncle Wynnard. Armistice Day
14 Madeira. Phelps. Aunt Janey's Orphanage
15 Aunt Janey's Orphanage - class distinctions.
16 Aunt Janey's Orphanage - staff.
17 Flu, Missionary preparation, Liberty

Errors? Let me know!