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Hubbard Genealogy

Old Hubbard Photos

George's Photo Album 1942

George E Hubbard

Arthur John Hubbard

Hubbard coat of arms

The above is an impression from a ring bearing the Hubbard coat of arms. The impression was made in 1915 from the ring found in a field in West Walton, near Wisbech.

Great Uncle George's Notes

The estoile, a six-pointed star whose rays are wavy, is the same as Hobart's (Tasmania) civic emblem.


From this link describing the arms of the cities of Australia we read:

"The principal charge on the shield, a six-pointed star of the heavens, is taken from the Arms of the 4th Earl of Buckinghamshire who as Lord Hobart was Secretary of State for the Colonies (18011804) and after whom the city was named."



Searching the web for "History of Hingham" gives a clue that Hobarts that lived in Hingham, Norfolk, ended up in Hingham, Massachusetts.



Pronunciation of Hubbard

My surname is pronounced Hubbert, Hubbaaard, Hobart.. depends who I'm talking too, and where they come from.

As this (broken) link, http://www.ecn.co.uk/timeoff/e_ed_tra_FitFAQBlickling.htm includes: 

The Hobarts (curiously, pronounced Hubbard)

I quote an extract from the deleted article:

Majestic Blickling

Birthplace and family home of Queen Anne Boleyn

By Charles Roberts

It has been noted many times before but it remains as potently true as ever -- that the first site of Blickling Hall from the road is so stunning it takes the breath away. Through more than a quarter century, I have seen that sight scores of times, but it never fails to have the same wonderful effect. It is the symmetry of that great early 17th century Jacobean front which does it, with its noble windows, its Dutch gables, its corner towers and cupolas, its attendant wings and mighty yew hedges to each side of the entrance drive -- and around it all, a great frieze of mature trees.

It was built by the Hobart family, made baronets by James I in 1611. But for the visitor there is a possibility of puzzlement at repeated mentions of "the 2nd Earl", "the 8th Marquess" and so on. So let's clarify from the start. The Hobarts (curiously, pronounced Hubbard) were raised to the peerage as Earls of Buckingham in the early 1700s. But by the end of that century the male line died out and Blickling passed through the female line to the Marquesses of Lothian. It was the 11th Marquess who gave the hall and its estate of nearly 5000 acres to the Trust at the end of the last war.

Thanks to web.archive.org for allowing me the ability to go back in time and get the deleted web page!

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