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Nick, January 2013

The Dutch Money

Anne de Brissac, sister of Peter Abraham, married a Mr. Child of Bromley, and had no children.

Mrs. Mottette, née de Brissac, was aunt of Peter Abraham and Anne de Brissac. She lived at Utrecht with her husband, and remained there after his death. She also was childless.

Of the disposal of the fortune, the following story is too well remembered by the family. Mrs. Child was summoned to attend Mrs. Mottette, who was dangerously ill; she accordingly embarked at Harwich and went to the old lady, whom she nursed through her last illness. 

It is said that she heard from a stranger of the dangerous state in which her aunt was lying, and how her money and valuables were in the power of servants. The old lady was reported to be immensely rich: “The richest woman in all Utrecht”, she was said to be.

After her death Mrs. Child found a will, written in French, by which all the money was settled on her brother, Peter Abraham, and herself. Fearing lest the old lady should have been cajoled into making any other disposition of her property, she burnt and destroyed a the Dutch and German papers she could not read. 

Some years afterwards a gentleman met Mrs. Child in a ballroom, and in the course of conversation informed her, on learning that she was related to the deceased Mrs. Mottette, that the latter had left £10,000 in her banker’s hands, which the family had failed to claim. Knowing that she had destroyed all their means of obtaining the sum. It is said that Mrs. Child fainted on the spot.

This money, which was never recovered, is said to have laid the foundation of the great Hope fortune.

The rest of the money came to the three daughters of Peter Abraham de Brissac.

[These notes of Harriet Ann Dickinson date from the 1840's.]

[Mrs. Mottette is entered as Anne Motelle on this family tree.

A sister is also listed: Mrs Dolbon, Governess in the Familyof the Marquess of Salisbury.

Mr. Child of Bromley is also promoted to Dr. Child.]

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