Embedding MapPoint 2002 with in MFC

MapPoint embedded in a MFC VC++ dialog based app:


Here's the app. (Note: It has been developed with the European version in mind. The app defaults to loading the European map. )


Here's the source.

The file LEDOccManager.cpp contains a more tolerant version of the MFC Control Container Manager.

Inspect the following in raw_com1dlg.cpp:

BOOL CRaw_com1Dlg::PreTranslateMessage(MSG* pMsg)
    // for modeless processing (or modal)
    ASSERT(m_hWnd != NULL);

    if (((CLEDOccManager*)afxOccManager)->IsDialogMessageHACK(this, pMsg))
        return TRUE;

    // filter both messages to dialog and from children
    return PreTranslateInput(pMsg);

Getting Started

I've put together a page of screen shots. This shows how the control is embedded within a dialog.

Other VC++ source here.

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