External aerial for the ZoomAir 4100

I have a Zoomair 802.11b pc card that I'm not using. Time for it to meet a Stanley knife and have an external aerial connector fitted.

All this has been done before: http://www.geocities.com/lincomatic/usr2410.html

I have a chassis mount SMA female connector with some rigid coax.


Running a blade around the edge seam reveals all:

There are pads for a surface mount connector, but as I don't have one to hand, I'll use a chassis mounted SMA connector.


The coupling cap, highlighted above, is moved. The left "diversity" dipole is now redundant.

Moving the 0603 device requires care. Flux spray and a bottle of Isopropyl Alcohol helps!

The case needs a notch cutting out to allow space for the connector.

Windows XP drivers!

A trip to http://www.zoom.com/ts1/za&homelan/ZoomAIR11MBS.shtml#client gets me a driver for XP. I have a model "C".

This self-extracting file contains the latest ZoomAir wireless client software for Windows 98/Me/2000/XP. Please note that the "automatic scanning and connection features" of this SmartConnect software only work with the ZoomAir "B" and "C" chip.

I have a temporary problem! Doesn't work with PCG-V505AP Vaio. May be it's because I have other Prism drivers installed - Netgear 802.11b?

May be I should just put it in the bin! (The PC card that is.) These Wi-fi bits aren't together yet!

OK! Removing the Prism driver for the Netgear, then doing a reinstall, and several reboots...SUCCESS!


I'm all ready to net stumble!