WLAN Event 2003


The WLAN Event, a trade show held at Olyimpia.


Why attend? My company has been tracking "Wireless" technologies in the 2.4GHz ISM band. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Some of my public reports and comments on these technologies are here.

I wanted to see:

  • What markets are being exploited.
  • Anything new?
  • Community Broadband. (Making do with Wi-Fi when the telecommunications infrastructure fails you.)


Today's new FLA:

WISP: Wireless ISP.

Who was there?

Most of the exhibitors are listed below. (See the Show organisers site here.)

Exhibitors by category:

Wireless Networking
D-Llink, Zcomax, Proxim, Nortel, US Robotics, Belkin, Netgear, Hewlett Packard, Ericsson
Hot Spot Provider,
Mapesbury Associates, Toshiba, Gemtek Systems, Picopoint, Nomadix, Service Factory, Portal Software, myzones, iPass, APTILO Networks, Pronto Networks, Ericsson, BPO
management and security
Bluesocket, Orthus, Check Point, Red-M, Network Utilities, Global Secure Systems, Funk software, Vernier Networks, Airmagnet, WatchGuard, iPass, Technology Concepts Ltd
notebooks, tablet PCs, PDAs, Laptops Toshiba, Fujitsu Siemens, Hewlett Packard, Intel
GSM/GPRS Billing AM-BEO, Ericsson
Wireless roaming and access.
Network handover technology
birdstep, ipUnplugged, Bridgewater Systems, PCTEL
Chip sets, Reference designs Intersil, Top Global
Network Analysis Tools Wildpackets
Business "Networking" Ecademy
Carrier services Interoute, Extreme Networks
Community Broadband,
Wireless CNP, Exi TelecomsBSG Broadband Stakeholder Group, Lever
Dealer VBnets, The Wireless Network
Distributor Acal, Wireless Distribution


Nifty wireless touch screen pad on the Siemens stand. Long chats with Access to Broadband staff.

Access to Broadband Campaign

ABC is an independent, non-profit organisation to promote best digital networks, first mile technologies and community empowerment.

ABC is endorsed by the Broadband Stakeholder Group.

It's as easy as ABC:
A is for Access
B is for Bridging the Broadband Digital Divide
C is for community Empowerment

The objectives of the Access to Broadband Campaign (ABC) are to accelerate the deployment of high speed broadband Internet access throughout all of UK and to make it as affordable and accessible as possible to all members of the community. In doing so we hope to ensure that the educational, commercial, social, economic, health, governmental, environmental, technological, recreational and other benefits of broadband can be fully realized.



Derek Appiah LLU programme manager



Mike Buhagiar  Deputy General Manager Commercial Delivery Unit, Stepchange

Pierre Danon Chief Executive Officer, BT Retail




Guy Kewney


Graeme Wearden


Ben Hammersley (Guardian)