It doesn't give me much pleasure in presenting the following review:

Belkin Access point Belkin Access Point  F5D6130 99.99

Does not power reset reliably. Programming the WEP makes the thing fall over.

Lazy careless mistakes in dialog layout. Had to mess about getting its default IP address on to my subnet 192.168.255.x.

Returned to store for a refund.

Belkin Client Belkin Client. F5D6050 59.99

Stunning RF performance! Range is about 2 metres to the above access point.

Returned to store for a refund.
USR AP U S Robotics Access Point  USR2249 119.99

Far more polished than the above Belkin. Cool web interface.

Has not kicked me in the teeth yet.
Netgear Netgear MA101 802.11b Wireless USB Adapter 59.99

Works fine under XP.

Windows 98 forget it. Not on my Sony Laptop anyway.

Has Netstumbler support.

ZoomAir Zoom ZoomAir 44.99

PC World didn't have one that hadn't already been returned by a dissatisfied customer, hence the sticky label.

Works on 98. I've had a couple of crashes from the Prism driver software. Latest driver more stable, but not 100%. Doesn't like the WEP being changed on the Access Point. The driver stops, requiring a reboot and a reinstall.

I'm not totally satisfied with it. I take some pleasure in opening the thing up.

The prices stated above are those I was charged by the PC World store at Milton Keynes March 2003.

What all this 802.11x stuff anyway?