Eurochron Watch

This watch uses the Germany Time and Standard Frequency Station DCF77 on 77.5kHz.

How to set the time after a fresh battery installation


1, Dead watch


2, Get battery


3, Install  Battery


4, Adjust hands to read 12:00


5, Wait for time code to set watch to CET.


6, Adjust for UK Time by advancing 23 hours. (Make sure the LCD reads 23, not 11, as the date will be 12hrs out.

Use the recessed metal button. There is no need to touch the "normal" plastic button.

Holding a digital camera over the watch upsets the time-code reception. So don't try to record what you're doing...

..OK this has nothing to do with setting the time, M'KAY. Today is the 29th February 2000

(Yes, the date's wrong.)

I am the proud owner of technology that just isn't there yet!

Just like the wretched car park ticket machine at Gatwick I broke today by putting in a credit card in to it - I put the magnetic stripe downwards.

SHOULD be uppermost! "Can't you read sir?" Buffoon.