T610 and 3COM's Bluetooth Adapter

This documents my attempts to transfer images from my telephone to my PC using Bluetooth!

I'm the proud owner of a Ericsson T610. It's a year since I played with it's predecessor, so I'm optimistic that there won't be any silly bugs!


The phone has an integral camera.

I can take a photo and set it as the screen backdrop. Behold:

The Task

I set myself a task: I will use Bluetooth to transfer the image of the kitten to my pc.

I select the picture, choose "more" then "send". AAAARGH The Bluetooth option is disabled! Why?

Odd as I am using a Bluetooth serial connection at the moment. The Bluetooth design allows for concurrent sessions.  Doesn't it?

I close the serial application I'm using on the pc. It happens to be the Phone Front remote control application, but it could have been my address book synchroniser.

That fixes it! Is this a limitation with the 3COM dongle or the phone?


I select the picture, choose "more" then "send".

Better! The Bluetooth option is enabled.

(Note the meaningless Bluetooth Icon on the top of the phone screen.)

I select the Bluetooth option...
It knows about my computer Stan, but seems to want to search for it...
... which it finds after 5 seconds. The phone really wants you to be involved doesn't it!

Click on the only option...

Looks promising!

Sometimes we're lucky and see this screen!

Oh dear! We weren't expecting that were we!
Yes, we'll retry.

I usually try 5 times, then go back to the main menu, and back in again...

Ooooooh! Look!
Wow! The image ends up on my computer!

(And it also ends up on my web site as yet another example of technology that doesn't quite work right, yet. But it's a feature!)





Persist! It sort of works. I'm awaiting a firmware upgrade for the phone - this sort of silliness should have been found before the phone got out the door.

I may try with a Widcomm based Bluetooth stack - see if that's any different!

Time to torment some kittens.


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