I have the misfortune in getting involved with an couple of Eicon S91-S/T X.25 interface cards.

The Eicon card has 2 connectors. The one I'm interested in is the Very High-Speed Interface (VHSI). I'm going to connect 2 of these cards together via this port for some back to back testing / software development.

All due credit to our Canadian Cousins, they do give a wiring diagram to wire up a back to back connector. But do they give a specification for the connector? NO! They just call it a 36 pin high density connector.

The Male Connector

I need to locate some male connectors. They need to mate with the pcb mounted female receptacles.


Molex Look for the 52316 IDT Series Male connector. (Molex seem a bit shy and use the term plug)

I want a solderable connector....


AMP 2-175677-5 or Series Search for 0.8mm, .050, .085 Centerline Miniature Ribbon Connectors (CHAMP) 


3M MDR .050 The MDR Mini D Ribbon 3M MDR DHA-RA36-R131N
Instructions for Assembly of 103XX-52F0-008
Series MDR Solder Plug Connector Junction
Shell Kit

.050,Mini D Ribbon (MDR) Connectors looks promising! the Features:

.050,Mini D Ribbon (MDR) Connectors

Solder plug shielded I/O connector

Accepts wide variety of discrete wire cable types AWG 2430

Soldering wire contact cup requires no special tooling

Ribbon type contact: industry preferred

Reliable repetitive plugging/unplugging

Positions: 14, 20, 26, 36, 40 and 50




AHA! These plugs are used for high speed printers conforming to IEEE-1284-C connectors!

Cable Plug




A pin out...!

a face on view of the plug....

Seems to enjoy the name "MINI CENT. 36 MALE(C)"

Well now that I know all that - it's not so bad!

RS stock number 

Radiospares carry the 3M MDR connectors

The plugs:

36 way 10136-3000VE 176-1986

The shells:

36 way 10336-52F0-008 299-4632

On to the X.25 overview...

Eicon Samples

I find Eicon's web site is difficult to follow, and they change it just as I begin to find my way around it!