Windows Dialog Application - RDS Monitor

This monitors a com port for RDS data, and pulls the stream apart.

Here's the exe.

Here's a screen shot of V0.02...


Port The PC communications port connected to the PIC SAA6579 rds serialiser interface. The PIC hardware is a hack of the Thermometer Arbiter.
Connect Opens the communications port
Abort Closes the communications port
Q Number of bad quality bits per second
Time Type 4A groups: Clock-time and date
Traffic TP TA or EON
Station [PS] Type 0 group "Program Service"
[PI] Program Identification.
Program Type [PTY] Program Type - one of 32 types
Alternate Frequencies Type 0 group
Program Item Number Type 1 group. Date Hour Minute
Radio Text Type 2 group
EON Database Type 14A group. Row 0: PI PS AF Mapped frequencies. Row 1: Active or passive link, PTY, TA state.
EON Traffic Alerts Type 14B group. A log of the last traffic alert on a EON.
Phase Within the application there are 26 correlators skewed 1 data clock interval apart. This identifies the correlator that has synchronised with the tuned RDS transmitter.

Release History

0.01 07/06/2002
Initial release

0.02 21/6/2002 
Allows selection of ports other than COM1. The communications port shuts down after 5 seconds of no data appearing from the PIC. A message box lets you know when the port has been automatically closed.

0.03 5/7/2002
Communications port timeout failure code removed. Just keeps on retrying if data dries up.
Correlator phase added to display. 

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