My mobile phone signal

I have moved to a house in Northampton. Look at this signal coverage map and guess where I live: 

O2 coverage map

Yes, the orange patch means "No signal indoors".

I'm not making it up. Try it for yourself! Go on... my postcode is NN3 2NQ. (I live on the other side of Bush Hill which blocks the base station.)

A musing

That's "A musing" not amusing.

Previously I lived in Milton Keynes. In 2002 BT offered me 128kbps "ISDN2" broadband when 2Mbps was available elsewhere. For that abberation I started MKBAG, a successful protest group.

I do not intend to start another protest group. This page will be all I do. A few minutes with a web editor. Done. Relief!

My new SIM card

I have now relegated my new O2 (actually Giffgaff) SIM to a Samsung tablet - for experimental use when I'm not at home. 


Vodafone coverage

EE coverage


NGH August 2014