Nil PAYE (No PAYE/NICs Payment Due)


You operate your company's PAYE scheme and choose to make a "contribution" for one quarter in the year.You do it on-line. Some quarters you don't have "contributions".

How do you stop the irating HMRC computer sending you:

The Problem

The tax people send you many letters asking you to send them a Nil payslip. Only then will they call off the dogs.

But you can't do this! Why? Because you don't have that little yellow book any more as you now "do it on-line".

And you can't use your bank to send 0.00p to the PAYE account. (Although I wonder if 0.01p would do the trick?)

Going to the "normal" HMRC web pages will not help.

The Solution : No PAYE/NICs Payment Due

Tell HM Revenue & Customs you have no PAYE/NICs payment for any tax month or quarter by going to this page.


Note the form enforces the full syntax of the account - and on the letter the reference is "abbreviated".

That is the letter's reference reads: 123P4567, but the web form expects 13 letters, not 8.

Pad the string with an 'A' and '0's so it looks like 123PA00004567, and you'll be fine.


A letter sent in 2008 has 362 PK 0000123 0987. Solution - use the first 13 printable characters.

362 PK 0000123 0987 => 362PK0000123