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Some comments raised...

You can use the 3Com Bluetooth Software ( It works with the most of the Bluetooth USB Devices but you have to exchange the Hardware ID in the *.inf file with yours.
Setting up the drivers for a non 3com USB Stick is a litte bit difficult but it works.

(How To: in
german, maybe you know a software/website (google?) to translate)

The 3Com Software supports the most of the common BT Profiles (also OBEX unlike the Widcom Softw.)


Hi again,

it gets worse.....there are two MP3 Bluetooth headsets out soon. So
thatīs cool, you can listen to your MP3 songz and groove in a 10 metre
space. However, this works using the standard Blueooth profiles and
doing a decode trick.

On the other side, we have Bluetooth Conferencing, not in the profiles
as yet. However, there are at least three ways to acheieve it in
software / hardware which I wonīt go into here as its off topic.

Nevertheless, you can see whatīs coming. Lets say power requirement
size comes down in the next year, and price of course. Letīs imagine a
Sony type foldable headset.

Now it is interesting that kids hate wearing handsfree corded kits not
wanting to look to business or body guard but 180 degrees trunaround
different when they come to wearing stereo headphones of all types.
And how many times you seen kids "shraing" one corded headphone on the
subway, so they can listen to the same music, tethered to each other
and only getting half the drums?

So....imagine a Sony foldable but MP3 Blueooth with a neat flip down
mike. They can groove together in a 10 cubic metre space to the same
music...take your club anywhere. And if they want a pricate chat in a
noisy place, they flip the mike down. If they want to put antoher gang
on the call, they just dial one number, assuming we got the MP3 player
in the cell phone.

Sorry, but sometimes I cannot sleep at night for ideas and it burns my
brain out. I watch semiconductors like a hawk and build stuff and
notice what other compaines are doing and where its going. Have done
for 17 years. Thanks for the replies, its great getting comments,
whatever their flav.

greetz,  baz

P.S. anybody into blackfin with rijndael? sorry off topic again ;O)


Can you tell me what headsets are out soon and
what trick they are using ?

well I heard Phillips are doing one and there is another out of Tokyo
soon, dunno who maybe JDTC. The Baseband will probably be Brightcom
(BIC2102) and the sound quality is phenomnal and much better than your
average BT headset.

Concerning the trick, ask them. I figure you dont need two PCM outputs
for stereo; the MP3 is coded and then through the application layer,
not the profiles, you get the stereo out. So you dont need SIG to
bless another profile, which keep coming out dont they?!.


P.S My purpose in writing to the list was just to 1.annoy to friends
of mine and 2. see what others knew about these products.

Concerning point 1: One friend works in Northern Europe near Helsinki
and the other in Tokyo. We meet once a year at the cebit trade fair
and for the last five years we have bets on what products will be
there. But the bets are placed and closed 18 months beforehand. So we
have just placed our bets for 2004, not 2003 (2 eezy;o). I lost $300
last year, mainly because of the Bluetooth hype 2 years before and
everything got delayed. Now it is a different story!! ha ha!

Each of us is allowed to "stick" - that means you can keep your bet
placed on a product for the follwoing year, even though you pay up,
you can stay in the game for another $50 on the same product. You
double your money if you can predict who will do the product as well
as what product but its riskier. I hope to get my money back in 2004.
However!! it may happen 2003 in which case I lose again but I dont
think so and Iīll just stick again anyway. IT seems so crazy to me
that producers of end products go to that fiar to see what the
competition is doing....the chip makers have it sorted long before and
THEY certianly dont make the huge captial investmnent in chip lithos
unless one of the big five makers of cell phones or MP§ players or
headset is already asking...but I am sure everyone knows this already.

One of us used to work in the financial markets predicting which
semiconductors would be in which products in three years or so and how
that would effect a companyīs balcance sheet. We all worked in R&D
before that. Now we all have different jobs thank goodness and one of
us guys has a few patents (lucky dude). We just try and have a lot of
fun when not up to our eyeballs in work I wish we met more than once a
year. So by talking about MP3 Bleutooth and Bluetooth Voice
Conferencing I was just rubbing salt in thier wounds īcos I lost last
year but they know it will be pay up time for me, this or next time
round becuase I "stuck". I also put things like that together for
myself which, alhtough it means drafting the gerbers and pasting the
chicken feed on the substrate and into the reflow oven for "cook
10minutes" at night in a lab I do get a nice to have thing long before
its on the market. I then case it in space industry titanium cut with
a water laser + carbon fibre boom mike (which on the manufacturing
costs would be unreal anyway in production), unless you are doing
brand lifting like the Titanium Nokia just out and you dont care what
it costs.

I was wondering if there is any products available that would allow me to
use my T68 like a cordless phone... that would connect to a standard BT line
and let me use my mobile as a handset a bit like a DECT system?

no its not a dumb question. As far as I know there are no products out
yet. The biggest block is not the technical side at all, as the
Cordless Telephony Profile is already set and clear with SIG. The
problem is the orperators, the logic being that if anyone is loony
enough to use a cellphone at home, they get air time and would lose
that call if you could use your cell through Blutooth. However, its
gonna happen absolutely and would be quite a buy reason for people,
one phone for everyhwere. As for the range, standard Bluetooth can do
10 maybe 15 metres, ok even through steel doors and between floors in
a building which is enough for my weeny apartment but not for others.

However, I am sure someone is goign to think of using the cellphone as
a repeater for Bluetooth, or transpeater, that is you dial your
number, talk through your Bleutooth headset and the call gets bounced
to a Blutooth access point in the wall. Nice if two can conference on
two headsets. Thatīs also possible not with the current profiles but
could be realised through software + better ARM processor in the handy
and other ways but thatīs off topic here.

Hope this helps. Short answer is; yes is definately coming, just not
yet. And any technical block someone raises, is not the issue. Its
just a cell operator defneding thier turf. Of course, if they happen
to be one and the same and sell cell phones too, they might be the
first to do it. They just gotta crunch the financial figures.