We learn that products have U.S.P.s - Unique Selling Point. But what's the opposite? GBG's Global Buying Generalities.


We name workstations that are part of a collective. They're usually innocuous. I name various machines at home "Dewy, Malcolm, Hal, Reese - characters from Malcolm in the Middle. At work there's Lister et al from Red Dwarf. And Knightsbridge, Euston et al for that London based project. So much nicer than

Steve, the permie, has named a bunch of virtual servers as Frodo, Aragorn, Gandalf et al. Characters from the Lord of the Rings.

All innocent, and perhaps slightly annoying.


"...and we'll name the new guy's machine Woody," ordains Steve, the contractor.

I'm disturbed. I'm deep in thought.. I'm implementing some virtualized method relying on some damn cool interface in some C#. I'm miles away. ... Woody??... "What on earth are you suggesting? That I rename my machine Stiffy?"

"And mine Erection?" queries Mark.

It transpires the naming convention is based on characters from Toy Story.

It's all innocent...Steve's machine is Buzz.