Mobile calls answered by my secretary!

After a holiday in Laos, I return home to find that incoming calls are being diverted to my secretary!

But the problem is:

1, I do not want my calls answered by my secretary.
2, I do not have a secretary!

Here's the fix

Dial #122#

Then explain to everyone that you had to let your secretary go: her ironing was no good, and she steadfastly refused your advances.

The Events

Inquisitive Lao fingers dialled *122# tto check the phone's account balance. This is the command for Tigo,  "Check your balance (Display on screen)". But as the phone is with Vodafone UK, *122# turns on the Vodafone RespondPlus service where "a professional operator answers in your name."


Vodafone RespondPlus  

Tigo Prepaid Service

The Culprits

Tigo page contents

Here's my abbreviated copy of Tigo's Prepaid Service instructions...


National coverage
Send/receive international
SMS High quality and reliable network
Works with any GSM 900 unlocked handset
Key places of interest covered
Per second billing
Cheap 800 kip peak / 330 kip off peak rate per minute
Recharge cards conveniently located all across the country

Tigo SIM cards also come preloaded with 20,000kip of credit to get you started.

Call Costs Tigo to Tigo calls are charged at the rate of 800 kip per minute and after the first 30 seconds the rate is calculated on a per second basis. After 12:00pm until 6:00am Tigo to Tigo calls are charged at only 330 kip per minute. Calls to other Lao operators are charged at different rates.

Star Services

Account Service Recharge your account Dial *121*XXXXXXXXXX# then call button. (Where XXXXXXXXXX is the refill number.)

Check your balance (Display on screen) Dial *122# then call button.

Change set language You can select the language in which the network prompts are spoken to you. Dial 120 then press 5 to select the desired language   

Service Numbers

120 - Account Management.
121 - Recharge your account.
122 - Check your balance.
123 - Get assistance from our Customer Care team. (Your calls will be answered by our staff in English.)

Page last updated 14th August 2011

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