Removing keyboard languages

Why this page?

I've been installing different keyboard languages for testing. How do un-install them? There is no clue from the install process - a double click on an "msi" and it's installed - but uninstalling? How eh? HOW?

In brief:

On  Windows7 Start > Control Panel > Regional and Language > Keyboard and Languages > Change Keyboards > Text Services and Input Languages > General Tab.

In the section "Installed Services" select a Keyboard Layout and click Remove and then click Apply/OK

The slightly longer version:

You have so many keyboard languages, The language bar is messy:

Messy language bar

 Open Control Panel from the start button. Click on "Region and Language":
Region And Language

Select the "Keyboard and Languages" tab:

Region and Language

Click the "Change keyboards..." button:

Text Services and keyboard languages

Select the keyboard layouts you want to remove, and click "Remove":


Click "Apply", and close the windows. The Language bar is now a lot happier:

language bar

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