Intruder Alarms

Time to learn a bit about intruder alarms.

I send an email to the National Approval Council for Security Systems, NACOSS, that "recognise, inspect and regulate firms who install, maintain and monitor electronic security systems" in the U.K.

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From: nick hubbard
Sent: 09 January 2002 12:03
To: [email protected]
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Subject: Obfuscation does not provide security!

I have a "Nacoss" installed Intruder alarm (Menvier Security TS700 with Redcare) in my house.
Whilst observing an engineer work on the installation,  I can see several of the circuits do not have the tamper wiring connected - merely a short strap between the screw terminals.
I do not have access to the "comprehensive range of standards and Codes of Practice (COP's) which must be adhered to by NACOSS Recognised Firms. " as stated on I cannot readily check my alarm installation against your standards.
Obfuscation does not provide security!
With interest,

I receive a reply...
Dear Nick
Thank you for your e-mail dated 9 January 2002 timed at 12:32.
British Standards and British Standard Codes of Practice are available from British Standards Institution, 389 Chiswick High Road, London, W4 4AL; telephone 020 8996 9001.  Alternatively you may be able to obtain reference copies through a main library near where you live.  The Standard that you need is most likely to be BS 4737, which comprises a number of Sections and Parts.  We cannot supply these as it would be a breach of the copyright held by BSI.
NACOSS Codes of Practice are available from NACOSS in Maidenhead, price 9 each.  The "technical" Codes of Practice relevant to BS 4737 type systems (which are "wired" systems as opposed to "wire-free") are NACP 10 (Issue 2), NACP 11 (Issue 1) and NACP 14 (Issue 2).
We provide an investigation service for customers who have a complaint about their alarm company.  This service is free.  If you are unhappy about your alarm system we should like to know.  Please contact our Customer-Care Department if you would like us to investigate.
Yours sincerely

I respond...
Hi Tony
Thanks for your extensive reply.
The offending circuits have been rewired by the alarm company, ADT.

Now do I "get a life" and ignore the alarm system?


Met Police

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