Garmin 610

Here's a few screen shots of my Garmin NÜVI 610T

Map before the software update:

Version 2.60

Install WebUpdater  and we're soon at Version 3.20. (January 2007)


There are 3 maintenance modes...

A. With the unit switched off, press the top left corner of the screen and switch the unit on.


B. With the unit switched on, hold the battery symbol down for 10 seconds.

And another test mode...

C. With the unit already switched on, press and hold the moving average speed.

Traffic Message Channel




 Here's the nearest traffic jam...

And here's the next nearest traffic jam...

...until we find the furthest. 

You get more details too..

When the unit calculates a route, it steers you around Traffic Message Channel reports. Here I'm being sent down the A5 instead of the M1...

Lots of features

A map - as you'd expect!


Pretty GPS display. The sensitivity of the GPS receiver is astoundingly good.

Bluetooth too... (And I've looked at several Bluetooth devices over the years.)