TDK USB Bluetooth Adapter

This write up is dated October 2002. Things have moved on - new standards have appeared. This page is for historical interest.

I purchase a TDK USB Bluetooth adaptor. They're becoming available, and the price is falling. I bought mine on 8th Oct 2002 for £99.99. Carphone Warehouse had one in stock!

I'll test it with my T68 Sony Ericsson Phone.

I research Bluetooth.

Specs on the TDK adapter

I read the TDK FAQ page

I am amused and not surprised to read:

I canít send my picture from my Bluetooth phone to my Laptop

Another reply give me a list of tests:

 What can I do with TDK's Bluetooth USB Adaptor/PC Card?

Some cracks appear here:

Multipoint support: Why canít I use dial-up networking to the internet and Print to my Bluetooth printer at the same time?


Before plugging in the adapter I install the software on the CD. It's revision 1.2.

It all seems to work. There's even a diagnostic that tests the emulated serial ports.

I can only get one port to work - COM3.

I can "connect" to the faxmodem, and happily sent AT+FLCLASS commands.

I can also perform a dial up network connection. (Using my newly acquired freeserve account!)

I can read phone numbers in my phone and sim card.

I download an updated new revision "" from the TDK web site.

The sequence is tedious

The com port works:

T68 Bluetooth(TM) Modem

The fax modem also works. I use hyperterminal The com device is "Bluetooth Fax Modem" as opposed to "COM3".

The TDK Mobile application works - though it is asking for money. We'll see about that!

The serial connections chose to go to a disconnected state. A hidden FAQ says:

If you will be faxing with the same device a lot, we recommend you run the Connection Wizard (Bluetooth tray icon, Services) and make the relationship a default one. This will save you having to manually double click on the fax icon to establish the connection before running your fax software.


How do I use the TCPIP stack provided directly to the Bluetooth? I guess another Bluetooth device on a PC. I guess the phone won't do that - only through the bluetooth/ ppp/ modem dial up.

This is mildly concerning In current issues in the read-me file:

Only Windows 2000 users with admin privileges can use the device.  

Spy Tool

We loose the diagnostics tool, but we do have BtserverSpylite.exe, a cool spy tool...

Amongst all the layers we see that the TDK Mobile application is using Hayes commands to do its stuff!

What's +CPBR. (Frighteningly familiar!)

Bluetooth Configuration Properties dialog

Clicking on Properties on "My Device"..

HCI - Host Control Interface

LMP - Link Management Protocol.

When I upgraded the TDK drivers, the silly install setup wizard retard doesn't say Run Bluetooth Device Information.exe in the bin directory.

I do so. Impetuous fool that I am. I run it.

It updates the BlueTooth dongle. I now enjoy Firmware revision 310, with HCI and LMP versions at 136.

Take The Lid Off

I confirm there's the CSR chip BC0113 - USB and Flash memory:

An Update

I put this page together in October 2002. It's now April 2003.

He's a link to a crystal set I'm playing with. It works on the 2.4GHz ISM band.

The latest TDK driver is a bit more together. The current version Download size of 19.5 Mbytes. I'm amazed they let version 1.2 out the door!

The driver takes 45 minutes to download! (Yes, I'm living in a modern city in England. I must do something about this!)


Cambridge Silicon Radio

Data sheet on their hardware...


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