That ***!*ng Binding Source Wizard

I do like Visual Studio 2005, the design environment for .NET 2.0.

But the Binding Source Wizard, although powerful, throws me every time!

Let's do it one more time:

Using The Binding Source Wizard - a walk through

So you want to read some data in from an Access table?

I really am doubtful about the shaky "drag the data object to the form" metaphor. I don't like it. You donít really see the object on the form at run time Ė do you?

Here goes:

Here's a trivial Winform based app is about to be data enabled:

Use the toolbox, data, BindingSource, and drag to your form...


See what happens to the form in designer view:

It's grown an anonymous grey area where non visible objects are dumped. I'm sure it's got a nice name.

Let's set up a data source...

This bit is straightforward and lulls you in to a false sense of security, before a brick wall appears...

Clicking on Add Project Data Source gets you to here... ( No brick wall yet...)

The wizard lets me furtle through the tables too! I'm happy!!

Click Finish.

Now what???

We've reached a brick wall!

Now we're stumped. How on earth do you use this perishing bindingsource?

There's nothing in the tool box to give you a hint!

But there is if you recompile. DON'T FORGET TO RE-COMPILE!

This bit always catches me out.

Look at the toolbox now!

The brick wall comes crashing down. Drag the adapter to the form...

Now write some code using the adapter to fill your dataset:

Easy! Once you've sussed it, it's great!

Here's the official walk-though

Object Binding Tips and Tricks