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Some links on Green Eco Self Build organisations within the UK. (Last edit May 2006.)

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Green Building

Diggers and Dreamers

Earthscan Publishing

Eco-logic books

Green Books

Exhibitions Shows and Courses

Developing Skills Ltd

Walter Segal Self Build Trust - Introduction to Environmentally Friendly Timber Frame Self Build

Interesting Places to Visit and Inspire

Centre for Alternative Technology

Findhorn Foundation


Community Self Build - the Man Management Aspect

Community Self Build Agency

Joseph Rowntree

The study has been used to feed information into the production of a manual, aimed at professionals working on site and project management with self build schemes, together with other professionals involved, and the self builders. It is understood that everyone will have their own approach - and also that projects vary greatly - so the manual is not generally prescriptive. It sets out many issues of consideration and discussion between participants, suggesting suitable stages for the consideration of each issue and the people who should be involved in discussions.

Eco-Village Network

The Self Build Homes Club

Association of Self Builders  The ASB provides an opportunity to meet others who are building or renovating their own house.



Lili Low-Impact Living Initiative

Green Products

Greenshop selling sustainable and low impact products.




Constructive Individuals

White Design

Bree Day Partnership (Designers of the Iconographic Systems offices we inhabited c. 1992-1996. See Warren Yard and Canon Harnett Court.)


Alliance Piling

Federation of Piling Specialists

Central Piling