Nokia 7650

I have become smitten with the Bluetooth Bug. 

Elsewhere you can see what I've being doing with Bluetooth devices.

Overall View

Nice toy but little heavy. A BBC 'Jurno' has difficulties, but he doesn't review the Bluetooth aspect.

Our Bluetooth Difficulties

We try the phone with XP, Windows 2000, Windows 98 and consistently fail to get the phone to talk to the PC.

The bundled "PC Suite for Nokia" doesn't work. We try to get a serial port working. On all platforms we get this dialog:

"Com0" is a most bizarre port. The Phone opens the port, than closes a few seconds later.

Andrew talks to a helpful guy at Nokia Support. No problems like this have been reported. He suggests we go to a dealer in a local industrial estate to get the firmware updated. This we do. We sit reading the latest Electronics Weekly.

The new firmware did not help. 

The solution

Andrew does some digging around and comes up with:

Right mouse click on 'My Device' under 'My Bluetooth Places'

Select Properties. Behold:

Go to the Local Services tab and add a serial service.

Then go to the Client Applications tab and add a COM Port.

The names we choose are arbitrary.

Having issued these mysterious runes the "PC Suite for Nokia" now works.

Not exactly obvious what's going on here!

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