5861 ADSL Router

Some notes on my upgrading of a Efficient Networks EN5861 ADSL Router.

I didn't know the password or the IP address the thing was set to. It was not the default

Serial port

3 wire RS232 interface appears to work fine. Connect TX RX and Ground to the PC. Connect CTS to RTS together.

9600 8N1

The thing talks to me!


Unlocking the 5861

Use the serial number!

eth ip addr

I was then able to ping the thing.


system telnetport default

Then I could telnet!

eth list

Firmware Upgrade

Unlocking the 5861

The following message:

Duplicate route found on remote 'internet'

Doing a

remote list

showed the router had several conflicting configurations.

I used

remote del <config name>

to kill them all.

I used the web interface to create a new configuration. (Again)

Set the authentication to CHAP

My first WAN connection was when I did a

call internet

After spending 30 seconds inactive the Dial on Demand (DOD) timer would drop the ATM VC. Fixed with a:

system onewan off

Digging through the manual it can be configured as a "CO" !



Unlocking the 5861