3Com USB Bluetooth Adapter

Desperate to see what another, non Widcomm, Bluetooth stack can do, I rush out and buy a 3Com 'dongle'.

I unpack it...

and plug it in.

It lights up too!

The installation works, but gets slightly confused: My 'D:' drive is a second hard drive, the installation CD is in 'E:'. The installer gets a bit annoyed about this, but persistent encouragement that the CD is in E not D, and the installer struggles to a satisfactory conclusion.

Within a few minutes I have the thing installed, paired and talking to the T68i. 

Getting the thing to talk to the TDK Bluetooth installed on another PC is a bit more lengthy. PC hosted Bluetooth ports appear as serial ports, e.g. COM5, as opposed to client ports that appear as "Bluetooth Fax Modem" on the TAPI generic modem interface. Attempting to use an arbitrary modem in TAPI to use COM5 does not work. Yes, I tell the TAPI device not to dial, just open the port and give it to me. Hope and pray that your application allows you to access the serial COM Port directly - then it will work. And, to be fair, it works well with the TDK dongle.

Is there more to life than getting 2 terminal emulators to talk to each other, back to back, using Bluetooth? I don't know, but serial ports work OK! 

The Nokia 7650 serial port that is announced in the SDP, doesn't appear to be a Hayes AT interpreter, or a Binary OBEX "hole". Perplexed. Neither 3Com or the TDK oblige.

I'm now keen to see what Bill's going to do. Microsoft are due to ship a Bluetooth stack for XP. Time to buy the latest MSDN!

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If you are tearing tour hair out with this, try http://users.spark.net.gr/~yiapap/bluetooth.htm


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