Lao Font Transcoder

A standalone utility that transcodes between different Lao font encodings.


There are several Lao fonts in use. Some use different encodings. That is a particular letter is encoded in several ways, as well as different appearances (Bold, italicised, different sizes, different artistic styles...)

The LaoFontUI utility lets you exchange text encoded in one font to another.

Here's Notepad doing a bad job with 3 font encodings. Arial has no chance - but gets the year "2010" right!

Here's the text pasted as Unicode.

Here's the text pasted as Saysettha 2000

Here's the text pasted as Alo

Why would you want to transcode Lao fonts?

Alo is an attractive font. The designer's aim is to produce children's books that have attractive fonts.

Saysettha 2000 is used in several on line PDF documents published by government bodies.

Unicode is the "proper" way of encoding fonts - but some of the glyphs do not look good.

What you'll need...

The application "LaofontUI".

You will also need these fonts installed:

"Alo Mekong"

"Saysettha 2000"

"Saysettha OT"

Where can I download the fonts?

Remember - Google is your friend!


Thanks to Sasha at Big Brother Mouse.

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