A short break in Ireland

Nick takes a few days off to visit Judith, August 2006.

Next Day

2nd August

Three in the morning, and I'm heading off to Stansted Airport for the 6:10 Ryanair flight to Cork. The Airport's busy - everyone's off on their holidays.

We land at 7:40. The new terminal at Cork Airport has just been opened. Arrivals are using the new building, while departures currently use the old.

Judith greets me, and we're soon at her home in Ballineen for breakfast. There are many places to visit in County Cork. We choose Cape Clear.

Baltimore harbour

Cape Clear

An hour or so driving and we're at Baltimore on the coast of Ireland. The southwest coastline has distinctive granite peninsulas jutting out into the Atlantic.

The 10:00 ferry takes us to Clear Island.

We pass "Lot's wife", a navigation marker by the entrance to Baltimore Harbour
We tie up at the north harbour where we're told "Be back for four o'clock."
There are several pubs and restaurants. We head over to the south harbour, amused by the ratty old cars.

Car MOT's are not mandatory!

Descending to the harbour we find a pub, complete with signpost.

The spelling of "San Francisco" is a tad wrong.

We enjoy a salad at the pub, and we continue our ramble, soon reaching the south harbour.
In the distance we see Fastnet rock, Ireland's southernmost point.
There's a small museum, complete with 50 line crossbar telephone exchange.

Part of the museum devotes itself to the storm and tragedies of the 1979 Fastnet race.

A fine Thermomax 2m2 solar panel sits on the school roof.

We're soon back at the north harbour.


There's a place selling goat's ice cream. Judith buys me one. In my opinion anything to do with goats is dubious. This experience does nothing to contradict my view.

A drink of orange and a tuna sandwich soon takes the taste away.

The boat promptly leaves at 16:00.
Goodbye Clear Island
We near Baltimore. The sailing school is busy. Over a hundred small boats are out.

(Do I hire a Irish cottage for a future holiday and learn to sail? Sailing Holidays in West Cork do appeal!)

We have a Guinness, sample a Pancake. Judith is more interested in the Frenchman selling the pancakes than the actual food.

Anyway, we decide that French food is good, and book a table at the Chez Youen.

We observe a horse being urged into the sea...
....it swims as it's led out to the harbour...
...then back...
...and seems quite happy about it all.  By which time our table's ready at the Restaurant Franšais.

The Chez Youen serves a mighty fine shellfish platter.


The Pizza restaurant looks appealing, we'll leave that for another visit.
Where do we go tomorrow? 3rd August.