Hints and Tips




Accurate time is important to Anubis Radio Recorder. The real time clock should be as accurate as possible on the recording machine as any error will translate into a corresponding error when browsing schedules. Windows XP provides internet time synchronisation as standard (on the Date and Time Property dialog). On previous versions of Windows I recommend installing some form of time synchronisation software.

Sampling rates

When converting between formats, particularly when creating CD files, Anubis will use the installed software codec's to perform the re-sampling. These codecs are OK at 22 kHz to 44 kHz conversions but sound bad when converting from say 48 kHz to 44 kHz. Initially I set our system to sample from the DAB radio receiver at 48 kHz which sounded good when browsing but not good when converting to CD. I changed the recorder to sample at 44 kHz which still sounds good browsing and also when cutting a CD or MD. Note the Sound Blaster Live does the re-sampling in hardware from 48 kHz to 44 kHz.


Forward and rewind buttons in Anubis Player increment in 5 second intervals. Holding the shift key down while clicking changes the increment to one minute.

Double clicking on a play list entry allows precise editing of the start and end points for the play list item. It is also possible to change the play list item name which will affect the file name used in MP3 export.

Windows XP remote desktop connection

If you plan to use the Windows XP remote desktop connection feature to monitor the Anubis Radio Recorder machine you should use the Local Resources tab on the connection dialog to set the Remote computer sounds to 'Leave at remote computer' otherwise Anubis will not be able to find the sound card until you log back in to the recorder machine locally.


The rewind button in Anubis Player's play list pane doesn't work at present.

Although Anubis Radio Recorder will handle multiple sound cards simultaneously recording into different directories, the default MP3 codec does not support this (i.e. multiple threads calling in from a single process cause the codec to fail).


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